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ANC Elections

Getting your Name on the November 2020 Ballot

To have your name on the November 3, 2020 ballot you must be a registered voter and have lived in your Single Member District (SMD) for 60 days prior to turning in your nomination petition. The deadline for turning in your petition this year is Wednesday, August 5th, 2020 therefore you must have begun living in your SMD no later than June 6th, 2020. The petitions are scheduled to become available on Friday, June 26th, 2020.

Two Ways. There are two ways to get your petition.  You can try calling ahead (727-2525) and arranging an appointment to pick up your petition in person at the Board of Elections (BOE), 1015 Half Street SE.  Or you can receive a petition form electronically. 

Forms to File.  Before you can receive a petition, however, you will first have to file two forms.  First is the Statement of Candidate (or Candidate’s Agent). Note this is different than the Declaration of Candidacy.  The Declaration does not have to filed before August 5. The other document is the Receipt of Ballot Access Documents.  Because you must submit this form before you can receive your petition, you can leave the check box for “Petition Pages” unchecked when you turn it in, and insert 0 for the number of pages received.   You can send these two forms to the Board at  Note that none of the forms that you submit this year, including the nomination petitions, need to be notarized.  That is another change for this year.

After you file these forms, the BOE will issue your petition form by email (unless you arrange a personal visit to the BOE offices).  The BOE will also provide a list of registered voters for your SMD if you want one, but you must request it.  It will not be provided automatically.

Petitioning.  Once you have a petition you can duplicate it, physically or electronically.  Then using any method of your choice, provide it to at least 10 registered voters in your SMD.  You can have voters all sign the same petition, or, if it’s easier, and it probably will be, you can provide each signer with their own petition form to sign.  The signers must return the form to you, not the Board.  Although the form does not have to be notarized, the "Affidavit of Circulator" must be signed.  The voter can sign it, or the candidate (or the candidate’s agent) can sign it, but it MUST be signed or the petition will be rejected.

Submitting Petitions.  Once you have all of your signatures, you need to return the forms to the BOE.  If they are electronic, attach them to an email and send to the BOE (  If they are on paper, you can mail them to the BOE.  However, if you choose to use the USPS, be aware that the petitions must be received by the BOE before the deadline; when they are postmarked does not matter.  Alternatively, you can scan the paper forms and email them to the BOE, fax them to the BOE (202) 347-2648, or deliver them in person (provided you set an appointment in advance).

The Deadline.   Finally, be sure to file your Declaration of Candidacy which is available here:, and all of your petitions, (well) before 5:00 pm on Wednes­day, August 5, 2020.  Although there is space on bottom of the form for a notary, the form does NOT have to be notarized.

Additional information for candidates is available on the BOE website at:

You may also contact the Office of ANCs at