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The OANC Assistance Funds

The OANC Assistance Funds (The Fund) are awarded to ANCs that demonstrate a need for additional resources to enhance the delivery of services to the community or to improve the operational efficiency of the Commission.

Program Description

There are two funds that an ANC may access:

The Technical Assistance Fund (TAF) - The TAF provides the ANC with funding that will enhance the delivery of services to the community. Examples of services that qualify for TAF funding include assistance with equipment purchases or personnel to host remote (hybrid) meetings; purchasing hot spots or Internet services; hiring a service provider to design and print annual reports. Funds may also be used for American Sign-Language or language interpreters for ANC meetings or events.

The Expert Assistance Fund (EAF) – The EAF supports the procurement of services that will improve the operational efficiency of the ANC in the areas of accounting, meeting facilitation, legal, zoning, public space, mediation, or the development of surveys and evaluation.


Funds are distributed to the ANC. The ANC must vote in a public meeting to apply for “The Fund.” The record (minutes) must reflect the reason for requesting the funds and the anticipated outcome. An ANC must be current with Quarterly Financial Report (QFR) filings to be considered for assistance.

Application Process

Applications are accepted on a rolling-basis and subject to the availability of funds:

  1. Access the online Assistance Funds application 
  2. Select the desired assistance program (NOTE: An ANC may apply for assistance from both funds but must complete a separate application for each fund).
  3. Complete the application questions. (NOTE: What problem will this assistance solve in your ANC? Describe the specific type of assistance that your ANC needs to solve the problem? What efforts did the ANC take to resolve this problem before seeking assistance?)
  4. The OANC will review and approve the application(s).
  5. When the application is approved the OANC will assign and execute a contract with the service provider.

Fund Guidelines

  • The OANC will pay 100% of the cost for services delivered under the Technical Assistance Fund (contingent on the availability of funds).
  • The OANC will pay for up to 20 hours for assistance under the Expert Assistance Fund. If the work exceeds 20 hours, the ANC must reapply for additional funding (contingent on the availability of funds).
  • The ANC is responsible for paying any fees or penalties that may result from the work (i.e., filing fees, late fees, penalties for late filing, etc.).
  • Any equipment purchased under the fund is property of the District Government. Any work product that results from the Fund is the property of the District Government. An OANC Equipment Assignment Agreement must be submitted for any equipment purchase.
  • An ANC may apply for assistance as many times as necessary subject to the availability of funding and application approval.
  • An ANC must complete an existing agreement before funding will be awarded under another agreement.
  • Activities will be monitored and evaluated by OANC staff, to assure compliance with all applicable District of Columbia’s statutes, regulations, orders and other requirements. This monitoring process may include site visits, an evaluation of allowable costs, an assessment of efforts to meet projected benchmarks, providing proof of expenditures, etc.